Nailing together imaginative furniture in Sri Lanka

At the core of every busy life is a place of sanctuary and peace, where every person is a monarch in his or her own kingdom. ‘Home’ is not only where we leave our hearts but also where we live out our lives. It is an extension of our loves, our lives and our lifestyles. At Furniture Factory we have dedicated the last decade to tailoring furniture in Sri Lanka to meet the needs and complement the lives of those whose homes these unique pieces have been privileged to grace.

We at Furniture Factory understand the unique component in a product that differentiates a potential heirloom piece from any other. Exceptional furniture creates and carries memories across a lifetime. Irrefutably fine design, painstaking craft & construction and the use of high quality materials lend permanence and meaning to what would otherwise be a mere object. An authentic, timeless spirit exemplifies the style of our furnishings at Furniture Factory, which has an unblemished reputation as one of the exemplary furniture manufacturers in Sri Lanka.